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Puppy growing up, no hesitation on the second jump. [video]

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"Hey," Brittany grins.

Santana matches Brittany’s grin and laughs out a ‘hey’ of her own. ”Hungry?” she asks, nodding to the giant pretzel in Brittany’s hand.

Brittany shrugs. “Yeast I am,” she monotones.

Santana stares at Brittany unblinkingly before breaking into a fit of deep laughter. 

Brittany watches her companion fondly. “I missed that.”

Brittany’s soft words and adoring smile makes Santana melt; her giggles dying down as she bows her head coyly. 

"I sent a copy of your commercial to my parents," Brittany says. "They told me to tell you that they’re super proud of you."

Santana looks at Brittany from under thick lashes as her face heats with the invisible blush creeping up her neck. 

Brittany nudges their shoulders together. “I was proud of you, too,” she says.

"Yeah?" Santana asks, her eyes wide and her voice hopeful.

Brittany nods. 

Santana hesitates for a second before slowly leaning her head to rest against Brittany’s shoulder.

"Is this okay?"

Brittany slips her arm around Santana waists and pulls the brunette tight too her body. “Yeah,” she sighs. “It’s perfect.”

And that’s exactly how Quinn finds them an hour later.

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A Painting Made From Pieces of Glass